Review: X-Men: First Class (Plus my date's kissing)

On Friday I went on a date. My second in as many weeks. With the same girl, mind you. I'm not some amourous date whore wanting notches in my... Calendar? But yeah. We went to this amazing candy store, KFC and to see the new X-Men film. That's a movie, to you Americans.

I was quite sceptical about seeing it to be honest. I know my X-Men stuff. In my youth (two years ago) I was a bit of a comic book nerd. Let's face it, they are going to change things, and with good reason. Who can you find that looks like beast should? It sure isn't Nicholas Hoult. But hell, he plays the part excellently, and it's nice to see him playing an adult character, rather than a troubled child or drug-addled teen (as he was in the only other things I've seen him in.) All that said, it is a surprisingly nice representation of the franchise.

All the acting is top notch. Michael Fassbender plays a great Magneto, pulling off the dark and mysterious is he good/is he bad thing perfectly, so much so that even knowing how it would ultimately end because of the later cannon, he still had me wondering how it would play out.

The stand out performance for me though is James McAvoy. And damn right it should be, considering he got the lead of Charles Xavier. He is a believable genius with a cheeky side, delivering a range of lines impeccably well, with excellence in his more comedic quips.

And yes, there is an air of comedy to the film. And happily, it all seems to be at the expense of the X-Men. There are a few lines that had me laughing out loud. That said, you're only really going to get those jokes if you're familiar with the other X-Men films or comics.

In conclusion, it's a highly enjoyable film, that will have a bit of something to suit everyone, but indeed, it's best enjoyed if you are a comic book nerd. 8/10

Oh, and because I mentioned it in the title of this post, and because I want to show off that I'm totally doing better on the girl front than Britt, my new lady friend is an excellent kisser. 11/10


  1. Nicholas Hoult had some sweet sex scenes on SKINS.
    Sadly, he wasn't graphic at all in "A Single Man." So I need to see this one.

    As for kissing, I know I am not good at, but who cares? that's their problem...

  2. Britt, you have to prove me wrong on this one. I vote we fight to the death on this one.


  4. Hi I'm Mike and I'm Britt's boyfriend


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