OH LAND: an experience (gushing)

Seeing Oh Land caused me to miss out on a lot of sleep but it was totally worth it. If she ever comes within a 100 miles of you, get off your lazy ass and GO SEE THIS GIRL. seriously, the show was 10 dollars and at the rate she is going I don't think that's going to be a common occurrence much longer. 

my favorite Dane was preluded by both the bands Deluka and the rapper Rye Rye. what to say about these two? you know my premonitions on openers. I've sat through so many shitty ones I don't even blink anymore.

Deluka was surprisingly strong and kicked off the night on the right note. Very the Duke Spirit, old school Garbagey. Expat Brits living in Brooklyn yeah! I actually heard a few songs of theirs beforehand and didn't realize. durr. I are smart and retain information like sponge.

As for Rye Rye, I knew of Rye Rye definitely beforehand (yeah hype machine!) but couldn't say (can't say) I consider myself much more than a casual listener. She came onstage an hour later and lived up to my expectations. Her music isn't something I'd listen to heavily, but it's not bad rap. And DAMN that girl can dance! She puts on a good live show. Feels a little bit like watching half of Salt'n'Pepa circa 1990. Did you know she just did a song featuring Robyn? Well yeah now you do. Her dancers are INSANE. 

an impression of Rye Rye:  WHAT'S UP WHAT'S UP WHAT'S UP

she's so young! keep your eye on her. bitch is going places. at one point, she had all her female fans rush the stage and dance. was cute. 

around 1 AM, Oh Land FINALLY took the stage. dressed in white like a bride and wearing a headdress of a color I don't remember. I was up in front- I FOUGHT PIRANHAS MAN- because Oh Land has seriously been the best musical discovery of 2011 for me HANDS DOWN. You don't even know. 

I can't tell you all the full details because I was a little drunk and very tired. so! she was just this unbelievable ball of adorable energy. she just came on the stage and danced her heart out, sang her heart out- was awesome! I believe "Perfection" began the set, which was followed by "Sun of a Gun," her big hit. 

I think she did nearly every song off her album and one from her first for the encore. The highlights for me were definitely (by far) "Human" and "Voodoo." "Break the Chain" was swell, too. 

Her drummer is tops, by the way. Between her on keyboards, dancing around, throwing off her headdress, coming down with the audience (the first time she came down in front of me I blushed I CAN'T HELP IT) and SINGING TO SAID AUDIENCE (me once! gahhhh!!!!) 


Her live show really is amazing to dance to if you dance a lot. I don't dance that much because I have a tendency to look like a stupid rhythmless ass. the girls behind me were just as excited as I was. we took turns screaming her name. I ducked out of a lot of photos (at least I hope I did!)

At times it felt a bit Stevie Nicks, a bit Bjork, a bit Bat For Lashes- but something wholly unique in the end.


I met her afterwards and she's a sweetheart. she was like HOW DO YOU LIKE WILLIAMSBURG where she also lives and pretty much everyone important I'm dead serious here that's not Swedish lives. sometimes we Tweet. She, unlike Annie Clark, RESPONDS TO MY TWEETS. 

seriously though- after No Doubt and Andrew Bird and Metric, one of the best shows I've been to. it might just be my new favorite concert. 

Meanwhile Oh Land will be opening for Sia on her summer American tour and plays NYC at Webster Hall July 26 and 27th. you bet your ass I'm going. 

p.s. you can actually bowl at the Brooklyn Bowl! :O


  1. I devoted an album to her at www.amityphotos.com. I'm hoping she gets huge, cause she was one of the nicest celebrities ever. I saw her at a taping of David Letterman- I made sure to have a couple photos of her and she signed both, plus posed forever for photos.

  2. she is so sweet! so so sweet! she deserves it!

  3. i believe I was one of the girls behind you, with glitter on my face bc i'm a dork hehe

  4. aw! you were great! I was the bigger dork!


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