I've Had This Song In My Head All Day

Do you like My Morning Jacket? If not, LISTEN TO THEM. They are a fantastic fucking band and I am constantly surprised at how much I love them and just want to hug Jim James' big bear body for making such great albums. I first got into them after I got into Monsters of Folk (a band Jim James was a part of along with M. Ward, Mike Mogis and Conor Oberst), and now I consider them one of my favorite bands. It just suxxx that I missed them in LA last week. How could I do this to myself????

Here they are performing on Conan last week. They are performing my favorite track from their amazing new album, Circuital. Did I spell that right? Oh well. I should care. But anyway. Here it is:

It helps that Adam Levine and Nick Kroll are on the show, too. BUT WAIT. What's that? Take a look at the awesome backing singers. I spy The Watson Twins. And look at that!!! Becky Stark from Lavender Diamond and The Living Sisters!! These are also all bands/groups you should definitely check out if you haven't. Can you spy the other two ladies???? I'm sure I know their names but just not their faces....


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