So much going on today! Observe!

Coldplay have a new single out. YAWN I HATE THEM (except from the early 2000s, from then I am more lenient).

Jane Lynch, superwoman, is hosting the Emmys this year. IS THERE NOTHING SHE CANNOT DO? I doubt it, I seriously doubt it. 

Jack Kevorkian is dead. I don't think we've ever written about Dr. Death before. but yeah, I wish there was some ironic way to phrase that, but I don't think so....

David Lynch is giving a talk at the Strand Bookstore on Monday in NYC that I am so going to. I mean why not:  

see the man somehow responsible for that? it starts at 7. 

lastly, don't you think a 30Rock/Parks and Recreation crossover would be the best thing ever? I know we are of a like mind. however, I know what would make such a project INFINITELY more interesting:

LESLIE KNOPE:  I decided to visit New York City on a mission of good will.
LIZ LEMON:  Good will? I just happen to be here!
LK:  I know! You have absolutely nothing to do with my job!

The two share an awkward moment, laugh, smile. Ding ding ding.

ANNE PERKINS:  Wow, Leslie, I got lost on the subway.
LK:  Was it a raccoon?
LL:  We don't have any raccoons in New York. Michael Bloomberg had a hit squad assasinate them on the previous Christmas Eve.
ANNE PERKINS:  No, I met this girl in plaid, and we're going out for steaks later. Then she's going to play me twee pop. What is twee pop?


also, can tweet pop be the Twitterified genre?