Davis Gaines: A Song Dedicated to Marion Cotillard

I love Davis Gaines in a completely unhealthy yet G-rated way.
He has the voice of power, and it is always great when I find new videos of his music on Youtube, especially this song, which comes from his solo album, "Against the Tide."

In my first Davis Gaines post, I mentioned that Amazon.com was the only place I could find samples of his solo album.

And now voila,

This one is for you Marion.
I hope you understand with the jazzy touches of this studio-worked piece, you and I could dance all night and drink lots and lots of Green tea with extra honey and a lemon wedge.

This one from Davis Gaines would fit perfectly in a scene where we dance slowly in front of unknown spectators.

How much tea can Marion Cotillard drink without getting buzzed?


If you can't listen to this song and imagine yourself dancing alongside Marion Cotillard then your heart is made of ashes.


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