5 Song Challenge -- To China

This is an open Challenge to Ke Iris of China, the writer for Ke Ying Ying’s Online Blog. I bet that she cannot find five Chinese songs that are better than these five here on The Useless Critic.
I am going to begin with something jovial that carries all the vivacity of China in a single song. This is just great to listen to for any reason on any occasion. The Er-Hu fiddle on this one is particularly well-played.

The Grapes are Ripe. – Jump 20 Seconds in to get right to the song.

This is a song that features all the power of the singer’s voice. She does it so well, and you can feel strength.

Powerful Voice

I am going to bend the rules a little, and I will feature this song by AR Rahman in the Tamil language sung by a Chinese singer. As I stated in the post “Tamil-Bolly” I love the Tamil language, and this Chinese musician sings it so well.

Tamil Song

I might pick this song as the top one, and I don’t like to pick favorites. It just has a touch of darkness, and it is embellished by the illustrious nature of the Chinese stringed instruments.

Silk Road – Jump 15 Seconds in to get to the Music.

This song is not as powerful as the one with the powerful voice, but the dramatic vocals are spot on. It pulls at those things people call heartstrings, and it just makes you want to live and breathe the music.

KeYingYing: Can you find five songs to top these?


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