What is the Best Jason Bateman Role?

So so so-la-la,

I recently wrote one of these for Rob Lowe, and now I have decided to try this for Jason Bateman.

Simply, which Jason Bateman role is the best?

In your eyes and in your truth?

Of course, I haven’t posted every single Jason Bateman role here, but you can pick yours if it is not on the list.

2009 Sit Down Shut Up (TV series)
Larry Littlejunk
– High School Musical Musical (2009) … Larry Littlejunk (voice)
– SpEd (2009) … Larry Littlejunk (voice)
– Math Lab (2009) … Larry Littlejunk (voice)
– Helen and Sue's High School Reunion (2009) … Larry Littlejunk (voice)
– Tackin' (2009) … Larry Littlejunk (voice)
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2009 Couples Retreat
Jason Smith

2009 The Invention of Lying

2009/I Up in the Air
Craig Gregory

2009 Extract

2009 State of Play
Dominic Foy

2008 Hancock

2008 Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Animal Instincts Detective

2008 The Promotion
Retreat Leader

2007 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Henry Weston, the Mutant

2007 Juno
Mark Loring

2007 The Kingdom
Adam Leavitt

2006 The Ex
Chip Sanders

2006 Smokin' Aces
Rupert 'Rip' Reed

2003-2006 Arrested Development (TV series)
Michael Bluth
– Development Arrested (2006) … Michael Bluth
– Exit Strategy (2006) … Michael Bluth
– Fakin' It (2006) … Michael Bluth
– Family Ties (2006) … Michael Bluth
– S.O.B.s (2006) … Michael Bluth
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Valerie's Family (TV series)
David Hogan
– Ho, Ho, Hogans (1991) … David Hogan
– Isn't It Romantic? (1991) … David Hogan
– A Family Affair (1991) … David Hogan
– A Sneaking Suspicion (1991) … David Hogan
– The Best of Friends, Worst of Times (1990) … David Hogan
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1982-1984 Silver Spoons (TV series)
Derek Taylor
– St Louis Blues (1984) … Derek Taylor
– Rick the Greek (1984) … Derek Taylor
– Sounds of Silence (1983) … Derek Taylor
– Driver Ed (1983) … Derek Taylor
– Mr. President (1983) … Derek Taylor
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1981-1982 Little House on the Prairie (TV series)
James Cooper Ingalls / James Cooper
– He Was Only Twelve: Part 2 (1982) … James Cooper Ingalls
– He Was Only Twelve: Part 1 (1982) … James Cooper Ingalls
– A Promise to Keep (1982) … James Cooper Ingalls
– Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow: Part 2 (1982) … James Cooper Ingalls
– Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow: Part 1 (1982) … James Cooper Ingalls
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Is it weird that I want to say “Up in the Air?”

It was not the most dramatic, and it was the most powerful. In many ways, it felt like a wallflower role.

But in so many of his works, I feel I am sitting in front of the screen watching Jason Bateman in the movie. In UITA, I didn’t think for a second that it was him at all, and I will make that cheers.


  1. Jason Bateman is probably my most favorite actor ever of all time of anyone. I completely head-over-heels adored him in Arrested Development, the greatest show that ever was. The End.

  2. @Really? I was convinced you would have picked Silver Spoons.

  3. i've never seen it!

  4. nah just messing.
    I know you are an "Arrested Development" fan ...respect.

  5. did you forget his amazing turn in DODGEBALL?!



    I love him too, but I need to watch more Arrested Development.

  7. I definitely think Arrested Development. It is one of my all time favorite sitcoms, and watching Bateman get more and more frustrated with his family, but feel trapped and unable to abandon them, brings me much pleasure.

  8. @Jerome Thanks for the comment.

    @the rest of the world.
    Read Jerome Wetzel's blog. He is pretty good at this stuff :)

  9. Arrested Development of course and "The Switch" actually was pretty good

  10. i need to see the switch....times like this i wish i had netflix.


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