Spotlight/Shoutout: Christina Robinson

Hello People of Planet Earth,

It is Wednesday, and that means that Algerie Nader gets to show off some jazz for the world of acting.

As I love to mention, and I even love to brag, watching Michael C. Hall and “Dexter” is one of my favorite springtime traditions. I have just spent hours this year on Fast Pass Tv and Megavideo finishing up the fifth season, and it leads me to one conclusion.

Christina Robinson is becoming my second favorite character by playing Astor Bennett.

Well, she does play a 12 year old girl, and as some of you know I am a 13 year old girl at heart. Look at some of my previous posts.
Like This

But really, her performance this season has taken a row of downturned negative moments, where her character is finally experiencing all those pest-like moments known as teen angst.

In other words, she is bitter and miserable, and she does it well. Of course, there is some kind of anti-crestfallen uprising of emotional connection at the end of the season between her and Michael C. Hall.

My only fear is in four years, she might look exactly like Emma Roberts.

QATFYG: Who was the best at teen angst?
Was it Claire Danes?


  1. I was going to say Claire Danes too. What was that show she was on? My roommates and I used to watch so many episodes of it and I would go around afterward feeling all depressed.

  2. Claire Danes is like the ideal woman. smart, beautiful, somewhat Yale-educated but not overly so.


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