Sofia Talvik, right now

Do you remember that Sofia Talvik post I made a while ago? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. I am not you so I wouldn't know.

Anyway, her project HATE, the side project to her LOVE (yes!) is about to come out. As of June 6th, for you history nerds, is D-Day. AND NOW SOMETHING ELSE.

"H" will be released June 6th, as well as "O" the second installment of her L.O.V.E series. You can preorder it NOW on her website, though.

British heavy metal band BALL OF MAYHEM is responsible for "H." You can take a listen and read an interview with Dave Chrisp of the band here on her website.

Because I am not as creative as this, I will just say that  "The soft folk-pop tunes of her project "L.O.V.E" has been smashed, crushed and boosted up into something that would scare your grandma's pants off!"

Did I mention it will be released at 6 AM? 666 kind of? haha. 

The second installment of H.A.T.E is being recorded by Swedish metal band G.A.I.N and will 
be released at the end of the summer.