Pippa Middleton is Still in My News Feed

The Royal Wedding may be over, and who knows what is going on with the honeymaking or the honeymoon between K-Tee and Wil-Lee? (More like a honey pot BITCH!)

But one thing is certain, Pippa Middleton, the younger sister (non-jail-bait) is all over the news. She is still riding into my news feed on yahoo, sometimes twitter and various other online sources like a bull named John Holmes.

Part of this is because someone took photos of her without her bikini top on.
But in all fairness, there are many photos of me in only my bikini shorts, and I don't get to be the #1 most important subject in Yahoo News.
Dear Humanity: What Gives?

Now, this is not an episode of Algerie Nader Free Advertising (LLC), but if you want you can visit the PMAAS. That is the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society.

This started as a facebook group, but now it has evolved into a strong-running line of merchandise. Here is a link if you are truly interested in buying a T-Shirt for someone's butt. Pippa's Butt Shirts. ?

My point in writing this post is....It is somewhat nice that Pippa Middleton is gaining lots of attention, but really....could she do a little more for it?

I am saying: Give her a show. Do some modeling. Even let her do some stand up and complain about people that look up her skirt. I don't care. It is just if someone is going to be in my news feed nonstop, show some credentials playa.

What material would Pippa Middleton use in stand up?

And would you start a line of t shirts about someone's butt?


  1. her ass needs a talk show. I'd watch it.

  2. It could have a Q and A segment called "Ass Pippa"

  3. QATFYG: Would you like to watch her stand up?

  4. do you mean like stand up in slow motion with wet hair wearing a pair of coconuts?

    if you mean stand up comedy?
    bahaha no, not really ;)

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  6. I meant it as double entendre, so you did and correctly should have read it both ways. Also, in response to your initial question, yes, I would have sex with her, regardless of which shirt she was wearing. It is unfortunate that Pippa is an ugly, ugly name.


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