'Parks and Recreation' appreciation, dammit!

Now that Bollywood week has seemed to come to an end (thanks Al and AWM for being you which is beautiful) I have decided to post about my obsession of the moment. See:  Parks and Recreation.

The first few times I caught this show, I didn't get it. I was like "this is like the Office but in bumfuck no where Indiana." I was sort of bored. This was a while ago. 2009? 2010?

Flash forward to this year. I finally got around to watching a real episode; not just bits and pieces of one while I was out doing other things. And I was like HOLY SHIT THIS IS A VERY GOOD SHOW.


  • the writing is superb. Now I love 30 Rock very much as well and will be a lifelong Fey diehard fan, but the writing of this show has started to eclipse the other NBC shining beacon for me. You can tell in the beginning that the writing wasn't exactly on cue. But by midway second season, the writers were finally hitting their mark. I mean, nailing their mark. Like in a Seinfeld/Frasier/good Office times way.
  • the actors are all AMAZING. From over-cheerful Amy Poehler to over-energetic Rob Lowe to straight man Rashida Jones to awkward Adam Scott to scowling Aubrey Plaza ("what? okay.") to somewhat douchey in an an endearing way Azis Ansari and even Chris Pratt's lovable bro-ish buffoon and whoever the immortal man is who plays RON SWANSON....their timing is perfect. They capture their characters so well; I mean, these guys are all immensely talented. There is no weak link. Not even with guest stars.
  • the sincerity of the show! Too often shows get lost in being hip and ironic these days. Which is fine sometimes, but Parks and Recreation has a big heart and it doesn't hide it. Which is something I like. I know Fitzgerald said to wear your heart on your inside, but I do not adhere to that. There's a sense of camaraderie and endearing realness to the show that I think all great sitcoms have had, from Happy Days to Cheers to Entourage (was that a sitcom? whatevs.) These characters are people you want to see every week. I can't say that about most other shows on TV; as much as I love 30 Rock and Community.

You can watch it online on Hulu or at the NBC website.

Jean-Ralphio: I made my money the old fashioned way. Getting run over by a Lexus

watch it already!


  1. Brittany Kemp
    After the suggestion from You and Ursula, I have watched all of Parks and Recreation, and yes this is now my favorite Rob Lowe roll. I want to be him except eating red meat more often.

    PS: Season 1 was different, but I thought Paul Schneider was a lot more interesting than his season 2 role.

  2. !!!!! YES. yes yes yes. Paul Schneider looks just like my friend's bf. it's eerie.

  3. actually, I got really into that show. Sasha Grey mmmmm


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