Norteño Rap 14 Caliber - Burning Bridges

This post reminds me of the back when I wrote about Grammy Categories and Favorites, and also back when I wrote about Bionic Jive.

So while I was searching for songs from the Norteño Genre of music, I happened to encounter one that was of Norteño rap.

When I think of Norteño music, I am more inclined to think of the semi-mariachi styles with lots of saxophones and trumpets. This is not the same thing.

Latin American or Chicano American Rap is something that I never listen to normally. However, this son really stood out.
It has a great classic horror movie sound that is mixed in with words that blend pretty damn well. I have become a fan.

This song is dedicated to AWM: The Useless Critic Ambassador to Rap.

AWM, would you like to dedicate a song to me?


  1. oh yeah,
    Cinco de Mayo

    Feliz Algo :)

  2. I dedicated a lot of songs to you in my jams section on the right, but they came out as plain white boxes.

  3. I saw that.(ursula and me right?)
    I wasn't sure what happened with the white boxes. i hate glitches. respect

  4. Yeah I faked everyone and their mother out with those white boxes.

    here's what it should show.


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