Duchess Leo interview.

Duchess Leo is the first band Facebook has suggested to me that I've actually enjoyed. They have an interesting ambient sound....the song "Your Sweet Love" won me over nearly immediately.

They consist of Dan and Todd, two lifelong friends that live in Brooklyn (duh). Their album, Golden Gray, is out now. And I have to say, I think exciting times lie ahead for this band.

1.) So how did you guys form? You two have been nearly lifelong friends, right?

Dan: Yea, we grew up in Randolph, New Jersey. We didn't become friends until freshman year of high school. We played basketball and during preseason had to train by running a couple miles everyday. We'd talk about girls and movies around the track to pass the time. In 2007, we found ourselves in Brooklyn with some spare time. The rest is history. 

Todd:  Duchess Leo is kind of a result of our friendship. When we met we pretty much immediately started creating together. When we had separate projects, we were always giving each other feedback and support. It was a logical progression. There is a great amount of trust between us. It allows us to bring our different backgrounds together, and even if we disagree on something, move forward and put the music first. 
2.) How have things been going for your debut album, Golden Gray?

Dan: The reception has been really positive. It's exciting reaching new audiences and getting to connect with people. Easily the best part of the whole process. 

Todd:  Very well, people seem to enjoy it and I think it is an honest record. We learned a tremendous amount during the process of making it and can't wait to apply some of that to our new songs.  Really focused on moving on at this point.  Very curious to see how Golden Gray ages. 

3.) You've been compared to Grizzly Bear and Radiohead. How do you feel about that? And how do you feel about some of the other comparisons you've garnered?

Todd:  Flattering. I love both bands, especially Radiohead.  Probably my favorite band of all time.  When people compare us to bands they love I take it as a sign that they are connecting with the music.  While making Golden Gray the record took on a shape we didn't plan for. Once we figured out what kind of record it was, we could focus on that and execute. It will probably always stand alone. I'm curious to hear what people will compare our new stuff to.

Dan: Being compared to those bands is a funny thing, for sure. I don't think we sound like them but like Todd said, we're life long Radiohead fans and fans of Grizzly Bear too. if that can be heard, cool. I also doubt we'll repeat Golden Gray so we'll see what comparisons follow. 

4.) What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Dan: I'm a past-life regression therapist. People are usually pretty surprised by that, or at least interested, which is cool.  

Todd:  I'm going to change the question to "Who would I most love to have lunch with" because i think people would be surprised to hear that my answer would be Judge Judy.  

5.) What are your upcoming plans for the near future?

Dan: We're working on some remixes right now; two or three songs from Golden Gray. We'll be releasing a collection of songs recorded between The Duchess Leo EP and Golden Gray after that. Our actual plans though are just to work faster. We're both tired of putting massive amounts of energy into albums and really excited about making songs in a simpler, speedier, better sounding way and releasing them quickly. 

Todd:  Yea, exactly. I anticipate there being something satisfying about working on a couple songs and releasing them quickly without having to blend them into a record.  We love making full lengths and i am sure we will make more, but given the way music is shared and the way we are writing, I feel us moving in new directions. 


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