you need to hear this: the weeknd?

A while ago, AWM posted about Frank Ocean, who is pretty good in a chill way (I've since checked him out). Check out the Weeknd from Toronto, who is basically, more or less, THE SAME THING.

I was sold when I read the comments about him. apparently you should have sex to this guy.

also he doesn't know how to spell the Weekend. but he samples Beach House and Chris Isack.

IF YOU LIKE:  pained sex
pain during sex
crying during sex



  1. i havent even listened to that other frank ocean thing i posted. he is the only thing about odd future that isnt pretentious crap i think though


  2. metal is for people that don't have sex with other people.

  3. i think you have the chronology mixed up

    i am upset that i cant make a list of 2011 best songs and include what's my name by rihanna because it was released in 2010

  4. songs i wish had been released in 2011 CE

    happy passover everybody


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