Worst Song Ever

Hello World,
I just encountered something from the not so distant past.
"VH1" once did a series called "Top 100 Awesomely Bad Songs," or something of that nature.
I forget the actual title, but I do remember they picked the number one most awesomely bad song as this one from "Starship"....seen below.

But I will change their game around a little. Instead of awesomely bad songs. This is just the worst.

I will publicly declare that this song from "New Kids on the Block" is the worst song of all time. VH1 mentioned it on their countdown, but it was like number 15 or something in that range.

"Hangin Tough"

It is arrogant. It is synthetic, and it lacks all the qualities of true songwriting. This is a mastersh*t that tries so hard to show off, and all it does is ramble on into detest and lack of heart. Every lousy pop song that was written since then is because of this song.

Can anyone find a song or music video worse than this?


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