Spotlight/Shoutout: Brian Dunkelman

There are some people in the world that deserve a shoutout.
This week it is Brian Dunkelman.

He was the co-host of 'American Idol' season 1, and he parted ways from the show about as soon as Kelly Clarkson and Justin whatever his name was.

But Brian Dunkelman had a sense of humor that was rather interesting. In other words, he made Ryan Seacrest look like an idiot, and for that I send him a moment in the spotlight.

This guy needs a new gig. He could have been a top comedy host on some kind of talk show or even on one of those 'Tom Green' quality pictures...insert sarcasm...

But anyway,
I think Dunkelman roughly translates as DarkMAN from German, so that is rather awesome as well. Unless he is not German. Then, it is just strange.

Who is the best at making Ryan Seacrest look like an idiot?


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