SKRILLEX: yay or nay?

so growing up, one of my friends had it bad for Sonny Moore from the band I never really listened to called From First to Last. seriously I'm not posting a video or them if you are very interested. screamo or something like that.

she really had it bad for him though. like I think they traded semi-nude pictures on MySpace or something crazy and totally 2005 like that? anyway, I always thought after my experience with this girl and her adolescent obsession that he just faded into the same kind of oblivion which has claimed half a dozen other pierce-lipped heartthrobs.


I see Skrillex all the time on the Hype Machine charts. and I've listened to him a few times and found him kind of interesting. I like dubstep to an extent...I'm not sure what it is besides washing machines having a seizure that you can dance to. but my god I did not expect SONNY MOORE to be doing dubstep! craziness.

so what do you think? yay, nay, really really bad hair? yeah I know WHAT IS THAT


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