The Presets have a new track out. When am I going to hear this?

At the hipster haven this past weekend. sigh. one day I will go to Coachella, and YOU BITCHES ARE JUST GOING TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER. I'll be like, on my smart phone:  Kirsten Dunst and I just vomited together. omg, when is Passion Pit and MGMT going to show up for the pee-stained orgy? WHY IS THERE A PBR IN MY HAND? white people problems, indeed.

I have no idea about this new song, btw. NO ONE DOES (except hipsters and I'm just a fraud).

Cut Copy announced a show in Pittsburgh on July 11th at Club Zoo, which sounds either gay or like an U2 tribute.

here is a song I've had in my head all day:

the VOICE better save her or she's a loster cause than Charlie Sheen's kids.



  1. YAYY my birthday. If I don't get an autographed copy of the Michael Jackson Gold Collection, I'm going to lose. my. mind.


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