a pre-may day celebration (of sorts)

People in Scandinavian/Baltic countries and Europe and immigrants and people in Fitzgerald short stories LOVE tomorrow. I don't really care. but I love that month (even though it looks rainy and dismal for the first part, at least).

so this post serves as a "celebration." OPEN YOUR MIND. May is big for me, I turn 23 and get to go to a few cities and possibly have a big job interview again. I try not to get my hopes too far up, because I'm used to having my hopes' wrists slashed for whatever reason.

FOR SOME REASON, I've been thinking a lot about Mexico. that makes no sense. I'd love to go to Mexico but I understand I might die. :/ for the time being, I will settle for the weekly El Canelo excursion (HOLLA I LOVE YOU) as my Mexico interaction.

here are some songs about Mexico to get you thinking about Mexico:

I still need to hear their new album!

and a band from Finland, Satellite Stories, has a song "Mexico" which I really like but cannot find on Youtube. so I found this song instead, which is about not wanting to be a part of the Helsinki art scene. To prove I think too much I was really curious as to whether that was a bad thing? whatever nothing beats the joke that is the ERIE ART SCENE aka intellectuals meeting at Panera Bread every Tuesday at 7 to discuss Jodi Picault books:

then, I think we need some Rihanna in this bitch. observe:

props to Algerie Nader, who turned me onto "S&M." the idea of him, Kate, Wills and Red Bull...brilliant.

some Rihanna covers, courtesy of ROYAL WEDDING SINGER Ellie Gouldingggggggggggg:

she will be the musical guest on SNL May 7th with Tina Fey! heads up:  Ellie loves 30 Rock. She does me good.

Manchester's Everything Everything covers Rihanna:

and congrats to Ursula who is performing this weekend!