"Make Some Noise"- Beastie Boys

This is like Where's Waldo, the celebrity edition. my favorites? Elijah Wood, Chloe Sevigny, and the brief shot we get of Amy Poehler. PLUS:  it's a genuinely good track. PLUS:



also:  Beasties have a song out with Santigold. !

I actually remember where I was when I discovered them (Beastie Boys). I was 9 and in the car with my brother and "Intergalactic" came on and he explained who they were to me. when I figured out what they looked like (nerdy Jewish kids) I was like, OH MY GOD I CAN BE A RAPPER NOW TOO.

intergalactic planetary

closing thoughts:  Elijah Wood is adorable. can I put him in my pocket and use him as a vibrator?
(it's been a long day y'all)