I have a confession to make. I started watching glee. I told myself I would never watch this show. It seems (seemed) stupid and whiny and adolescent. Ok, it still seems stupid. In the past two days, I've watched nine episodes. So help me, the only show I watch with such ferocity is weeds, and no show will ever be as good as weeds.

So let me break it down for you: It's a glee club... with a pregnant cheerleader, a boy with a disability, a girl with a fake stutter, the quarterback of the football team (and his cronies), a diva, another diva, some other cheerleaders, and yet another diva. The glee teacher, who is also the Spanish teacher, is expecting a child with his wife who is only pretending to be pregnant, but he's in love with the guidance counselor who is engaged to the football coach who only wears short shorts. Are you getting all this? And they sing about everything. Is this making sense?

The first season is on netflix. Just go watch it. I needed something to fill the void of weeds not being back on tv for a few months. Am I geeking out?

P.S. If a showdown occurred, Nancy Botwin would totally win.


  1. this is why they came out with the word blows

  2. also can I just say Matthew Morrison + Gwyneth Paltrow on that show NEEDS TO HAPPEN? like honestly IT JUST FEELS RIGHT.

    and he's adorable. HE'S LIKE A PUPPY


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