I swear to God I will stop soon....but I must, oh I must.

SO MR. SHEEN is looking for an intern. and who would be better for this than yours truly?


- I am crazy.
albeit not Charlie crazy, but I certainly can tell where that boy is coming from!

- I know how to use Twitter.
can you train an elephant to use social media? they may be able to share, but I THINK NOT. (Commandment #21 in the elephant code, as praised by Dumbo: thou shalt not use trunk to tweet).

- I can turn your shit into gold Mr. Sheen!
I know you can already do that on your own but seriously I can make your POOP INTO DIAMONDS.

- I am all about the Sober Valley Lodge.
as long as I can wear some kind of hat, let's get this party started.

I feel like destiny is calling me. CHARLIE, CHOOSE ME, CHOOSE ME DAMMIT.

edit: totes applied. am doing something so meaningful with life.


  1. yes,
    I too put that I am a Twitter user on my resume.
    I mean, after all it is a way of life.


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