Which Rob Lowe role is best?

Which Rob Lowe role is best ?

I did this once for Julia Stiles, and I could not resist but repeat it for none other than Rob Lowe.

Is it?

Parks and Recreation (TV series)
Chris Traeger
– Road Trip (2011) … Chris Traeger
– Jerry's Painting (2011) … Chris Traeger
– Camping (2011) … Chris Traeger
– Harvest Festival (2011) … Chris Traeger (credit only)
– Indianapolis (2011) … Chris Traeger
12 episodes »

The West Wing (TV series)
Sam Seaborn
– Tomorrow (2006) … Sam Seaborn
– Transition (2006) … Sam Seaborn
– Red Haven's on Fire (2003) … Sam Seaborn
– The California 47th (2003) … Sam Seaborn
– The Long Goodbye (2003) … Sam Seaborn (credit only)
82 episodes »

'Salem's Lot
Ben Mears

Richard Rank

Under Pressure
John Spencer

Wayne's World
Benjamin Kane

Dean Youngblood

St. Elmo's Fire
Billy Hicks

The Outsiders
Sodapop Curtis

Or OTHER_____________?
There are just too many to fit. Thank you IMDB.

Personally, I have to pick
1998 Outrage (TV movie)
Tom Casey

If you have not seen “Outrage,” it is an entire film where people simply sit around and plot how to piss off Rob Lowe. No joke. That is the entire film. That is definitely the thing I have most enjoyed the most.


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