tagging on last.fm

I think I enjoy tagging more than most people on that website. for example, I've decided to have a lot of fun with it the past few months. I like categorizing things; I like putting things in plastic bags so I will always be able to preserve that specific memory. oh wait! I'm confusing myself with the protagonist of Everything Is Illuminated again. d'oh.

anyway seriously go through my tags: www.last.fm/user/brittnik
I don't have shame anymore. why?

it started when I noticed "to get the pussy wet" was a tag. and then it just gave me the creative liberty I needed.

question: if you are on last.fm WHY AREN'T YOU USING THESE TAGS they are THE BEST


  1. I have tag issues too! (mostly in Italian, sorry http://www.last.fm/user/inta_burst/library/tags ) I guess your "to get the pussy wet" is my "arrapante as hell"

  2. ahahahahaha


    you did like that pukkelpop!


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