Spotlight / Shoutout: Ellen Pompeo

So I recently wrote a post called, “The Most Disappointing Film Awards,” and one thing that I really could not fit in was an award for Ellen Pompeo.

She does not disappoint me, and in fact, she does not disappoint a lot of people, but she was completely cut from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” where she played the ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey, Naomi.

Seriously, she looks great in the deleted scenes.

“Eternal Sunshine” was an awesome film, and I absolutely love it. But Ellen Pompeo, here is your moment. I find it a disappointing choice to cut her from the film.

Also, I think she did some other work……with some kind of show….about doctors….and doctors and stuff….a show that contains Patrick Dempsey…..a show that definitely does not contain Isaiah Washington…..I wonder why not?

What movie has the best deleted scenes?


  1. I want to sleep with her. I am just saying.

    what was it Charlie Sheen said about Denise Richards? YEAH SHE SHOWS UP LIKE THAT BOOM WINNING AWESOME

  2. shows up looking like that. ugh I fail at verbs that move.


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