Some Sounds from Libya

Libya has been mentioned so much in the news lately. Right now, I can only hope the people of Libya come out of this with a positive result, and the violence ends soon, but despite all their turmoil, one of the things I wondered about the most was.....what is their music all about?
Of course, they have lots of traditional Middle Eastern music, but I wanted to try and find some songs and arrangements that were different just to see how vast the music of Libya can get.

For some reason I think B Kemp might like this group. This is the Tuareg style, with origins in the Libyan Sahara. However, I think this song has a lot more alternative qualities than a lot of Tuareg music.

Some Libyan reggae

This has a rather smooth feel, and I am not super into reggae, but for some reason this seems really relaxing.

Libyan Death Metal on Guitar

Well, this sound speaks for itself. Libyan Death Metal Riffs.

QATFYG: Just curious, Is it true that every country in the world has some form of good music?


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