a slice of this pop culture life. (north by north..whatever)

- Miley Cyrus is hosting Saturday Night Live with the Strokes. This both hot on the heels of the Strokes' comeback-thing and Billy Ray basically saying "my daughter is two BOOMS I'M WINNING away from becoming LiLo." I have a theory about Miley: now that she is legal she is appearing with everyone she wants to sleep with. yes/no

- The Strokes new stuff: AWESOME. I'm excited!

- when do you think the Charlie Sheen jokes are going to get old? my guess: tomorrow.

- because the Chuck Norris jokes haven't been funny since high school.

- Anoraak released "Crazy Eyes" officially as a single yesterday. have you not been listening to Anoraak? I am ashamed, this boy is crazy talented:

- does anyone know anything about the new Fiona Apple album? she never responds to my tweets. I was going to send her record label a watermelon to reenact "Save Fiona Apple Day" ... but my psyche got the best of me.

- every single movie coming out in the near future looks TERRIBLE. Friends With Benefits can't be here soon enough.

- Sean Penn and ScarJo are an item...if you need an appetite suppressant, think I just found it for you. I need to get an acting career to score hot, potentially dumb bitchez.

- John Galliano hates the Jews. um.

- have you seen Mr. Sunshine? surprisingly not bad. although I half-expect Matthew Perry to be joined by Matt Perry at any moment.

I have a theory about
all the celebrities going
nuts: it's like before a storm
when the animals lose their shit.... it's another sign of 2012. srsly.


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