Korean Music Party

For a person that is really into Asian music, I knew very little about Korea. I have nothing against Koreans. In fact, Korea has given us many fascinating things such as the tradition of eating a live Octopus and Yunjin Kim.

I send wicked respect to Barbara from Punta Arenas for giving me the low down on Korean Music.

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign MV (English Sub)

Adoration has made its masterpiece, and I am so glad I learned of this group because they capture the really strong uplifting melodies that really sell pop music.

Miss A "Bad Girl, Good Girl" from [BAD BUT GOOD]

This video is worth every second of your time.

유키스(U-KISS) 시끄러!! M/V (Clean ver.)

I found this song, and it isn’t too bad. It gets into a little more of the boy band style that I am not crazy about. However, it is still a fun song. Sadly, this is the clean version.

Korean Violin Piece

Hae-ga-san-ma-loo-en-ju-moo-la-doo is the name.
This is a piano and violin arrangement, and these westerners go for a really traditional sound.

North Korean Girl Playing Guitar

And of course because this is me, I have to include a guitarist. This is the video of a North Korean girl getting rather virtuosic on the guitar. I think she smiles in part of the video, and like I said in an older post I wasn’t aware that North Koreans smiled. Meh, learn something new every day.

Of course, also there is “Super Junior,” which seems to be getting on everyone’s showstopper list. They are very good at what they do, but I am just feeling their sound isn’t exactly for me.

QATFYG: What is your favorite thing from Korea?


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