Japanese Mini-Mix

So the world is going through a lot of the Nasty Bits right now,
But I was just hoping to make a tiny minimix just to remind us all and myself that Japan has some really awesome music.

Shintaro Katsu

One of my idols from my younger years was Shintaro Katsu, and I learned of him because of all those « Blind Swordsman » films that he made. Thanks to Amazon.com I also learned of his singing. Someone on the internet says straight up that this sounds like « Kill Bill » music.

When searching for Folk Music, it seems there is one that comes up so often.


Song for Seji Kojima

Good traditional feeling that is expanded with the use of classical guitar.

I need a bass video.

Copied and pasted : By the way, this "bass girl" is a guy crossplaying Yuki Nagato from the anime Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. That sounds weird, but I love the song, so here it is.

QATFYG: Were you one of those kids in High School that was obsessed with Japan?
For me, I was only really obsessed with their movies. I got into Japanese music because of Shintaro Katsu believe it or not.

On another note, please read the post by Britt on contributing to help Japan.


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