in honor of my mom's birthday

Jane Eyre comes out tomorrow. I have to say it looks pretty good, although it's missing Charlotte Gainsbourg (wistful sigh). I've never finished reading the book and am in the process of doing so currently. I know right? LOOK AT THE POORLY READ ENGLISH MAJOR I READ THAT IN PRESCHOOL (fuck you) anyway I've been told this is a darker, more traditional version of the book about a crazy bitch living in an attic whose husband falls in love with the morose governess. I'm not much on Jane Austen, either. Sorry Simon.

so will you see this movie?
or will you just play "Wuthering Heights" loudly in your bedroom and practice your ballet moves?

happy birthday Mom! (it's her favorite book)


  1. hahaha I love your synopsis. It kind of makes me want to write a prequel, title it 'Bertha' and get $2 million for the movie rights.

    wait, that's not a bad idea!

    I am so freaking excited for this movie and for Red Riding Hood. Can we have a Cloaked Heroine Double Feature? Man those european chicks dig their capes.

  2. I just read a review of Red Riding Hood, and they were like BLAH BLAH BLAH BORRRRRRRING. I can believe it. Catherine Hardwick should stick to what she knows: messed up, hyper-sexual 13-year-olds. I think RRH is worth it for the costumes and Amanda and Gary, though.

    also, I am BEYOND upset that Jane Eyre only opens in NYC and LA for now. WTF.

  3. it actually looks better than most of the middle of the road BBC period dramas that have done Jane Eyre. The problem is that the BBC tend to downplay the darker aspects of each text(ie. Tess of the D'Urbevilles) and turn the book material into the cinematic version of a Mills and Boon novel.


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