Another Davis Gaines Song

Yes, I have become the person that is promoting Christmas Carols in the Springtime, and although, there is no chance of Jack Frost nipping at your nose, I have the chance to promote one of my favorite singers yet again. I could not wait until November to write this.

And of course there is "Davis Gaines Ol Man River on The Useless Critic."

I really became a fan of Davis Gaines during my 2009 fascination with Broadway music.

This video has been on the internet for a few months, but I had only recently discovered it.

This is a studio recording, and I will admit that I much rather prefer to listen to Davis Gaines when he is live on stage, but this is still fun. His studio voice and his live voice are quite different.

To be honest this sounds nothing like him, but it has a lot of his qualities.

QATFYG: Who has the best studio voice?


  1. I think Tim Allen...he does a lot of voiceovers. also, I remember you posted about Davis Gaines a long time ago! WIN!


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