Spotlight/Shoutout: Rory Culkin, Kieran Culkin, but not Macaulay Culkin

I am unavailable tomorrow, so this has to come on a Tuesday. It is Tuesday, yes?

So the other day, I was given a gift. That gift was a copy of the 1998 film "The Mighty." Yes, it stars the pride and joy of Meadville, PA.........Sharon Stone.
But more importantly, it was a major step forward for Kieran Culkin.

So this is a Culkin-themed s/s.

Kieran Culkin:
He was awesome in "The Mighty," and although, I have not yet seen him in "Igby Goes Down," I really want to. In 2011, he will be in a film with Woody Harrelson called "M." His character will be named Rupert Pupkin. That sounds hilarious.

Rory Culkin:
The only reason he is on here is because he nailed Emma Roberts in "Lymelife."

Why not brother Mac? :
He quit too soon. He quit too soon.
Although, I confess I really want to see his film "Party Monster."
And as another post on this blog mentioned, what was Mila thinking?

QATFYG: Do you like or dislike the Culkins?
Has anyone seen the Mac in "Party Monster?"
And who wants to spread the hashtag #EmmaRobertsIsAPrick.
Stick that in your trending topics TWITTER.


  1. macauley dated mila


    BK + MK 4EVS

  2. wait I didn't read this closely enough.


  3. mac was perfect in party monster beleve me. he is such a good actor. when he was child, he was the cuttes thing in this fucking world. and now, he looks weirdly sexy. i like him. not llike the other hollwood baby face fucks. he has interesting face too suitable for the cinemas. i wanna see him more good movies. he acts very well. i love him and his cute brother kieran.. <3


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