Spotlight/Shoutout: It’s Mila Kunis Week

So hello world and Happy Mila Kunis Week,
So this time, I am going to do the Spotlight/Shoutout a little differently. Normally, I write this column to describe the accomplishments of actors.
But today will feature a valuable anecdote.

Keep in mind, I was ten years old at the time of this, and I was rather unfamiliar with many concepts of human life.

The first time I remember Mila Kunis is of course on “That 70’s Show,” playing the character of Jackie Burkhart. She was the GF of co-star Ashton Kutcher’s character (Michael Kelso) at the time, and I remember a scene from an early episode of season one where they were in Kelso’s van…..or shaggin’ wagon.

After some meaningless dialogue, Mila grabbed Ashton’s shirt, and she threw him down in the back of the van, and I was just like OMG! THEY’RE GONNA HAVE SEX! OMG! THEY’RE GONNA HAVE SEX! OMG! THEY’RE GONNA HAVE SEX!

I just remember I got so giggly and even giddy for almost no real reason at all.
I was even more excited than when I saw the sex scene in “Starship Troopers.”

What was valuable about this anecdote?
I guess I was just trying to say that Mila Kunis is more entertaining than “Starship Troopers.”

What is one of your favorite moments from network television?


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