Spotlight / Shoutout: Nina Conti

So a long long time ago I wrote the spotlight/shoutout post for Dan Horn, one of the top ventriloquists in the world.I love ventriloquism, and I find it to be absolutely hilarious.

So that is why I am proffering the s/s for this Wednesday to Nina Conti. She is a skilled V, and she has a great routine set up with her good friend “Monk.” Although, they really should change the name to Monq. Adding a Q to the end of your name is so gangsta rap.

Anyway, he is a monkey, and if you like laughing and looking at monkeys this girl is for you.

I am not sure that was the best plug ever written, but cheers and have a great Wednesday.

QATFYG: Do you ever show off your monkey?

Also, I send some wicked props to this guy for making a Nina Conti Imitation video. I always love aspiring ventriloquists.


  1. that is a favorite comment on youtube,

    people say.....who knew ventriloquists could be hot?


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