Mila Kunis....All in Red

So I had the idea to make a photo spread all of Mila in red, but then I came across two wallpaper images that really sold me.

This is a way for me to showcase my interest in Mila Kunis and my fascination with large monochrome blocks of red....true.

This first image is the pure essence of simplicity, yet the pure essence of elegance all in one. It combines the emotions that humans yearn for all in a single stare.

This second one reminds me of that television show "Wild and Crazy Kids," except instead of kids, it is a woman. It is the wild child that is in us all, a creation of inner youth, and it is like a hand reaching toward you and offering happiness.

Who creates a stare that has all the emotions that you often yearn for?
Who has a hand that offers you happiness?
And does anyone remember the show "Wild and Crazy Kids?"


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