How to be Cool on the 4 Easy Steps

What is cool ? And in an age so wired, how does one obtain a status of cool on the internet?

I tossed a few questions to our resident expert on Cool……..Mari from Norway, who gets nearly 200 people a day asking to be her friend. She gives us the spill on what you have to do to be cool.

Q: What is cool?
A: People who talk to everyone. some people are really
arrogant, they often restrict their privacy settings so people from for example asia can't contact them.. or no one over 30, etc.
ok, i understand they're just not interested, or afraid of perverts.. but if you want to be liked, you have to at least try to like everyone else ^^ and be nice, of course.

Step 1: Be nice, friendly, outgoing, and most importantly……….never be afraid.

Q: What are the things that people do or say that really make you never want to speak to them again?
A: It's not really the things they say, because i don't take everything seriously from people on the internet.If i did that, i'd be gone a loong time ago :P

Step 2: Never take things too seriously. Cool is not hot. It is not cold. It is cool.

Q: Can you tell from the start if someone is a creep?
A: hmm, pretty often, yeah. can't explain how i do that, i just get the feeling.

Step 3: Impressions and vibes are everything. Make sure you make the lasting first impression. After all it does last a lifetime.

Mari also offers the tip:

Add a warning to your profile.
“I'll hate you if you viewed my profile without leaving me a message, comment or anything! you don't wanna risk being hated, do you?
I don't usually bite :D”

Step 4: Be strong and commanding, but most importantly… inviting.

Results may vary.......


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