While Lil Wayne is on probation,

- He can't drink;
- He can't associate with known criminals,

For three years. According to a recent Rolling Stone Magazine feature.

I'd be like, leave me the fuck in jail.

He's also upset that his popularity has fallen off since he hasn't been able to put anything new out, that rappers like Eminem, producers who want to rap, like Kayne, and his own Cash Money proteges have soaked up the spotlight in his absence.

I added the part about Kanye. The other supposition is Rolling Stone's.

So Wayne is gunning to get Carter IV out soon. I just spun Carter III the other day and it wasn't holdin' up for me. His rap rock album was destined to suck. I Am Not a Human being was critically shit on. Because of that, I never even listened to it. Maybe I'm Wayned out. Maybe the game has changed. We'll see when IV comes out. Da Drought III is still unstoppable. We'll see if sober Wayne can top it. I don't know who he's going to get to do guest verses, though. I guess T.I. is not legally viable.


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