The lineup was announced as soon as I landed back home from a Russell Brand show...weird!

Too bad my dream (our dream) of Blur finally playing Coachella isn't coming true. Too bad the rumors about Joan As Police Woman and the cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia are not true.

I do (we do) know this, though: I'm definitely going to Coachella, and...maybe Crystal Castlest will be there.


  1. i wish brittany knew you were doing this so i didnt have to make that post!

  2. I see Chemical Brothers
    I wish I was a more dedicated fan.
    I wonder if they have Richard Ashcroft in their ensemble to sing that TEST song. "The TEST owns"

  3. two Jessica, yours is much more coherent. I think you win.

  4. I deleted the other one. I'm a dick. but Jessica YOU'RE GOING TO THIS so yeah

  5. ahh i didn't know there was another coachella post! :/ but lol i've been planning this for months I better go!!

  6. yes we shall raise money,
    I will make my strawberry muffies,
    and britt will make hashfilled brownies.


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