I'd hit it (French version)

this handsome young man is the French producer with the Valerie label (no Ed Banger this time, unfortunately, although if I had to list my favorite record labels like it was 1993 and I'm wearing a cardigan and things like this matter I would gladly say ED BANGER) known as Anoraak. And if you are a fan of Junior Boys or any kind of smooth electronic music (really) you will easily become a fan of Anoraak. but my god, his voice. his voice. his VOICE. girls go off about having girl crushes all the time, right? so this is my big man-crush of the moment. I can't help it. that voice is like honey and does things to me. see:

fap fap fap.

He's doing a DJ set in Miami on Feb. 25th. Not that you or I will go, but just saying.