things that erie has that have disappointed me in 2010


- The Jekyll & Hyde Gastropub. I know in theory it's a good idea and it's cute to see Erie experimenting with new things, BUT THE LIGHTING IS PURPLE AND I DO NOT LIKE THIS.

the food is okay and the beer selection is amazing but I didn't like it so much. maybe it was because I met a boy from the internet there (couchsurfer yo) and he was like let's have some dranks and I had been working all day and really was not in the drinking mood and nearly blacked out again and all I remember is telling him "I DO NOT LIKE THIS CITY YOU MUST LEAVE" and how I got home is still a mystery to me. oh I had a panini.


- I used to work at the old Fuhrman's Cider Mill before it burned down. I think I worked there like a month? two months? and I was incapable of folding boxes to put pies in. I will always associate Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole" with this place and not vampire baseball because the other clerk was obsessed with that song. then they let me go and it burnt down. I don't know why this happen. Sometimes God is on my side. I AM KIDDING I AM JUST KIDDING. that counting machine was old. I felt like it was something out of Little House on the Prairie.

well it reopened in a new location this past September but I don't think it was nice as it could have been. an actual cafe-like area would have been cool. but it's good to see it back up and at it again- local institution, et al.


lastly, School of Seven Bells Pittsburgh January 21 2011 MR. SMALL'S COME COME COME THEY ARE SO GOOD

p.s. I hate folding boxes. still!