sofia talvik's new christmas song (again)

Hullo! In making this part of a pattern, I decided for the rest of the month I will highlight seasonal songs, just so I can torture you.

Sofia Talvik's "Santa"

Sofia is using the song to raise awareness of human trafficking. I asked her why she picked this cause- not that you can't see why- she responded:

"I chose it because I think that Xmas is the children's holiday, and to know that there are children out there being used like this while we're all sitting with our families just breaks my heart. I think people need to be aware how big this modern day slave trade really is and start doing something about it. "

I know the modern day slave trade exists- it just seems to be swept under the rug (with a lot of things)- and you can read more on it here:

take a listen! and consider making a donation!


  1. I hate shopping at Christmastime because there is so much human trafficking at the malls.


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