"Slippery Slope"- The Do

I don't think this band has produced a song I've been iffy about. until now, that is.

Slippery Slope
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the vocalist doesn't even sound like herself. what say you?

B, I'm excited to see they're doing things though.

also my YELLE interview came through. that will be up tomorrow.


  1. I think they are way overrated for what they are . Now they are trying to sound like ## ?? somebody else . The production is not good and the singer wanna be someone she is not. C'mon girl , stay in your playground , that was a cuttie on the first record , but now , trying to play ruff ! Ahah, not every french band has the Daft Punk genius

  2. definitely not one of their good songs. also, Daft Punk is fun! TRON LEGACY


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