Let Me Post a Couple of Rap Songs

This is Lil B rapping over the X-Men theme. Keep the volume low because it's a pretty low-tech recording with abrasive feedback / white noise if you play it too loud. The guy first caught my attention when I heard this lyric from "Wonton Soup": "Bitches suck my dick 'cause I look like JK Rowling." Lil B is from California, is enjoyed by white guys and hipsters alike, and is famous for having released over 1,000 tracks through free mixtapes, blogs, YouTube and the like.

And here's a track from Jackie Chain's new mixtape, Who Da Mane. It's noteworthy because he's rapping over "All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u. (Тату́). FYI He's a half-Asian kid from a trailer park in Alabama.