a jennifer aniston movie i want to see

hold the presses because up until now I've disliked her:


Nicole Kidman is in it too. do you see her anywhere? and also I really don't like Adam Sandler, but eh what the hell.

Ursula and I went to see the Tourist yesterday. neither of us had any shred of comprehension on the plot beforehand, but were both charmed by the movie. definitely worth seeing- it's a lot of fun. it goes fast and the dialogue is wonderful and the people and scenery are easy on the eyes.

my mom: I'm just glad you didn't see a movie by yourself!
^ that is the kind of life I live.

question: Angelina or Jennifer? Angelina all the way for life and back especially if she dresses like Grace Kelly and has an accent!


  1. Def Jennifer

    as long as there is no talk of Vince Vaughn

  2. that's what your mom said?! egads

  3. so I saw Shutter Island by myself! it made me a better person!

  4. Thanks a lot!!!!
    Soo good Page..
    NIce post


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