Time for some more Creepy Videos

I am bringing up some old news.
So I posted this video on Twitter once, declaring it was the "Creepiest Video on Youtube."

But some other site took my Tweet, and decided to label it under my name.

Nader Bouberhan's Video!

I hope the five people that went to that site, did not think I was the one who made it.

So, the reason I bring this up is because I am going to post a video today *hopefully* and I think it may top this one as the creepiest video on Youtube.

I might not be able to post because the internet here in Algeria is awful.
Also, I am really hyper. Why am I so hyper? Because i am finally back on a somewhat decent server, and I have the afternoon open to post. Good times. Good times.

QATFYG: Have you ever made a creepy video? (If no, why not?)


  1. i tried,

    but the other video failed.

    maybe later.

  2. :(

    I want to make a video UC update! I'll just do it when I feel better about my hair because I am dumb like that.


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