things i have learned in this past year, but mostly week

1.) Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway have chemistry. James Franco and Anne Hathaway is another story. WTF OSCARS WAS ELLEN TOO BUSY

2.) I am in love with Emma Watson. she wears Burberry. plus there is nothing hotter than an intelligent girl. SHE GOT INTO BROWN FOR A REASON (she is also younger than me, which is really offputting and unsettling).

3.) Cyber Monday means DO I PURCHASE 75 DOLLARS WORTH OF URBAN OUTFITTERS they say "free shipping" you know this means I will buy one overpriced and poorly made sweater and that will be that?

4.) so the new Robyn isn't really a lot to talk about. she just put out like a compilation of the other Body Talk stuff and then added some songs including one about a Dolorean aka THE BEST CAR EVER.

5.) Wikileaks! LOL, Sweden! I am so pumped for World War III. seriously I will not last in the next war. someone is going to give me the Spanish Flu and I will die coughing up blood and singing "Moon River" to the deaf-mute next to me.

6.) if I was a country and Wikileaks happened to me, I'd be like JK YOU GUYS JK no Sarkosy you're TOTALLY wearing clothes!

7.) if you live in Erie, tomorrow is your last day to go to the awesome farmer's market in Perry Square, which I adore. so please go if it's not too shitty out and get some fruit! that place is awesome!

8.) On Thursday ANTICHRIST is playing in Edinboro. do you like castration? do you like bloody sex? do you like Charlotte Gainsbourg? do you like Cheetos? if so, you will love this film.

9.) My new Joshua Ferris book came in the mail today, the Unnamed. SWOON



  1. they did a broadcast about wikileaks on the tv; and i started laughing ;
    my family asked y ; i said 'epic fail'

  2. ahahahahah

    did they understand what you meant!


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