A Lesson in Government: FOR KIDS

The Federal Government Wants to See Your Dick.

See Dick Run.

The Federal Government Wants To Touch Your Dick.

See Dick Run.

The Federal Government Wants You to Look at Pictures of Corpses, Rotting Teeth and Diseased Organs.

See Jane Play.

The Federal Government Wants You on a List so that You Can Be Conscripted into the Military.
Unless You're Gay.

See Sally Videochat with Her Parents in Waziristan.


  1. Waziristan
    So I am now an Arabic student, and I don't know if I'm correct,

    but Waziristan means "Land of the Minister?"
    if so... that's hilarious.

  2. That may be the literal Arabic meaning, but being that Waziristan is in Pakistan, Wazir is probably either a Pashtun word, or a Farsi word for a Pashtun tribe, because the "-stan" suffix is the way that Persians referred to these regions. So your Arabic skills might not be applicable. A salaam alaikum.

  3. those kids should't be on skype so late!

  4. p.s. the government wants me to get AIDS

  5. my diseased organs

    AHAHAHAHA I never want to look inside my body EVER.

  6. Any time I see pictures like of the inside of the human body I feel like it's unrealistic that all of that stuff is in there.

  7. I agree. I like operating under the illusion I am made of marshmallows.


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