Important Things in the Media

So I logged onto youtube the other day, and I got

Youtube suggests...The Miss America Swimsuit Competition....because you watched "Modern Day Slaves: A documentary from Niger."


Then yesterday, I caught a plug for that movie "Burlesque" on CNN, and the bottom line read "...starring Christina Agulaira and Cheer."

If you are going to misspell Cher; at least; do it like this "C H O D E."

Also; I started watching Sudanese television. I do not understand a word, and I only watch the music. And it is horrible. I love world music; but Sudanese music blows. It blows like Katrina*

So that is my latest encounter with the media.

And if all goes to plan; spotlight will return this Wed.

QATFYG: Are you excited for Spotlight coming back?
Does youtube suggest weird videos to you?
Will you see "Burlesque?"
And who wants to visit the Sudan with me?


  1. - yes I fucking love Cher
    - I will stay the fuck away from Sudan because I value my life

    to a small degree.

  2. come on Britt; just a day trip to Port Sudan/

    we will take teh boat from Jeddah

    @Anon FTW


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