i am watching avatar right now

So this was a really big deal over the winter.

random Swedish girl: this is the best movie ever
me: omg okay you are Scandinavian so obviously whatever you say I will take in as fact
random Swedish girl: okay
random Swedish girl: I saw this THREE times in the theater
me: I just watched the trailer and it looks like it's about ugly amphibians and I don't think I want to watch a movie about ugly amphibians.
random Swedish girl: *stops talking to me*

I am pretty fucking sure I have no idea what is going on. omg is Tommy Lee Jones in this or am I hallucinating? JESUS, IS THAT YOU


  1. I saw that this was on and decided to give it a chance, but it was about two seconds before I thought I can't possibly care what happens to these goofy blue things and switched it.


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