Chrisette Michele Drops Mixtape

Until now I knew Chrisette Michele as the pretty backing vocal on Nas's Hip Hop is Dead. Evidently you might also know her as the pretty voice from some Jay-Z and Game tracks.

I just started listening to this tape and I'm getting a good feeling so far. Her voice is still pretty. She's as jazz-conscious as Janelle Monae without any of that outer space bullshit.

I am probably going to fall asleep listening to this but I promise (lol, that means I'll never do it) to do a proper write-up of this tape at a later date.

I am not really feeling the mixtape art so above you'll find attached an imagine of Chrisette. Google Images reveals that she may have been a bit chubby at different stages in her career. I assure you it is I-want-to-squeeze-every-inch-of-her chubby. I'm being real with you guys right now.

Here is a YouTube. I have embedded it within the hypertext markup using the automatically-generated lines of code rather than my own savvy. I'm deflecting.